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The ProArc line of CNC cutting system is designed to be a reliable, cost-effective production machine to your high performance cutting requirements.

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The Master CNC cutting series is built to ensure a smooth and accurate performance. It is equipped with PC base CNC controller, linear way, anti-collection device, sensor THC, compact cutting table. ProArc provides user-friendly broad choices and options that allow you to configure your CNC cutting system with the capacities, speed and accuracy of your needs.

  • Low profile, rigid modern gantry designed structure
  • The brushless AC servo motor has high torque, high resolution and high inertia
  • Precision gear reducer with backlash less than 2 arc minute
  • Position accuracy: +/-0.1mm, Repeat accuracy: +/-0.1mm
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Magicut is the high competitive CNC metal plate cutting machine in its class. It's easy to install , simple to operate, and with high efficient downdraft table. Maximum cutting thickness is 125 mm.

  • Micro EDGE Pro control system
  • Max 1 plasma torch + 3 oxy_fuel torch
  • Large cutting range with small parking space
  • Accuracy 0.1mm
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Athlete series high precision cutting machine can be integrated with high precision plasma cutting system to achieve unequal cutting quality. The driving mechanism uses a precision gear reducer that offers low-clearance with backlash less than 2. It can be equipped with other optional accessories such as laser point positioning, mechanical torch height control, etc. This makes Athlete Cutting Machine cuts precisely even running at a very high speed.

  • Equipped with most advanced stable CNC controller
  • Double linear way on longitudinal and cross direction drive with repeat accuracy at +/-0.05mm
  • Constructed in one whole system that occupies small parking space but has large cutting range
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You can make high quality, custom ducts with ProArc Duct+ plasma duct cutting machine. Our duct software help you to making elbows, joints for HVAC round and square duct system. It's easy to nest and cut multiple fittings at once. With Duct+, you will make top quality fittings in record time.

  • IPC based CNC control system
  • Advance duct software with duct fittings library
  • Accuracy 0.1mm
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Pipe Cutting is becoming more and more a common procedure in the Structural Steel Industry. Engineers and architects appreciate the versatility of the structural properties of pipe profiles every day more. The possibilities given by this profile are not only aesthetic but well orientated to the creation of light structures allowing roofing and other wide span structures to be realized.

  • Easy to use
  • Dust collection
  • I-cut and bevel cut
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ProArc innovate and manufacture Fiber Laser cutting machines with Fiber Laser from 1000 to 3000 watts. The robust gantry is designed and constructed using advanced finite element engineering to ensure it will consistently deliver an extremely high level of accuracy and well performance into the future. The ReaLaser series can provide high performance solution and high precision cutting application. ReaLaser can cut most of materials, such as: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, Ti alloy, Brass...etc.

  • Low gravity, rigid and low vibration characteristics
  • New generation processing head
  • Improve the floor space footprint, save money and time
  • All-in-one design includes down-draft fume collection table,fiber delivery and gas console for cutting process
  • Laser beam is delivered by fiber, save and maintenance free
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During the plasma, frame or laser cutting processes, the sparks, fumes and dust are pushed into the table and get swirled up again to the top. The metal dust can build up to become health nuisances. ProArc designs an ideal extraction table. The particles and sparks are pre-separated at the bottom, gases and finer particles are sucked into the duct.

  • Low running cost of blower
  • The same suction pressure is same in all cutting area
  • Easy to clean metal scraps
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The ProArc Dust Collectors now set the standard for industrial dust and fume collection.A clean work environment make workers feel better, enabling them to perform better. The result is higher productivity and lower absenteeism through sickness.

  • No electric units
  • Long service life
  • High extraction efficiency