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ProArc Drill+ makes drilling process easy and friendly. Drilling, slotting (slot milling) and tapping process are available. Drill+ is an automatic and high efficiency CNC drilling machine. It can increase the drilling efficiency and prevent mis-opreation. Applications include Building steel structures, Bridge steel structures, Factory steel structures, Boiler flange, Steel power transmission and telecom tower and Offshore deepwater drilling platform

  • Automatic tool length detector-one touch; Save manual measurement time and avoid inaccuracy tolerance
  • Automatic plate height measurement by hydraulic clamper (Gantry type for option) Save manual setting time and avoid inaccuracy tolerance
  • Multi-task process: Multi-home positions can execute different jobs in one process
  • Multi-application: Available for drilling, slotting and tapping process
  • CAD/CAM system: The system is used both for designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes