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Machines are easy to use and are built to be ready for user errors. Machines are designed and analyzed with 3-D supported computer aided programs, precisely machined in moving column CNC machining centers, equipped with world-known equipment and presented to the customers' use after quality control.

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CNC TURRET PUNCH PRESS MVD Inan Turret Punch, presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel constructions in to a robust structure to allow minimum deflection during operation

  • Metalix CNCCAD CAD/CAM software offers an integrated system cover to the user which includes the complete cycle of CNC operation
  • Special Tool drawing; Auto-index functions
  • Auto clamp positioning
  • Automatic Sheet Repositioning
  • CNC/CAD provides automatic or manual nesting for effective use of sheet metal
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Expanded Metal Press

  • Easy and precise blade gap adjustment
  • Specially designed European origin blades made of abrasion resistant steel, provides long operating life
  • Motorized upper beam adjustment allows accurate blade height and parallelism